Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Exercises In Descriptive Writing.

we see each other.

you greet me with a hug during which, i make an effort to lightly glide my hand over the small of your back.

we break our half assed embrace and proceed to make ourselves comfortable amongst the surroundings.

i ask if you would like a drink.

you decline and so instead, i turn on the television before dropping myself back into my previous position on the couch.

my mind leaves pondering thoughts which are seemingly endless, but literally less than a second.

you decide it's time to make small talk.

like a balloon in a rose bush, i hate this point.

they call it small talk coz it is just that... small.

im trying to do big things, but whatever... i'll indulge you in a minuscule conversation.

i cant help it. my mind has wondered again. im thinking of the first time a prefix was used ever. what was it? why was it? how was it?

geez, i dont think she even knows what a prefix is, let alone a suffix. she probably thinks it has something to do with a junkies medication.

i can sure pick em, cant i?

how the hell did i even get on prefixes? she was talking about her weekend and her friends.

i quickly tuned out, making sure my auto pilot ears picked up all keywords needed to verbalize a retort.

ok, i sense her subject matter is coming to an end. 100% listening now.

she finishes. thank fuck.

ok, should i even make small talk?

maybe i will tell her something awesome and she will just understand its awesomeness.

ok, here goes something.

*draws picture of a ball flying past someones head at high speed*

she missed it.

ahh well, cant expect everyone to get everything i guess?

fuck trying to tell her anything else though.

i ask her what kind of movies she likes.

she says scary ones. i have oodles.

i choose one at random and put it on.

ive seen it before. hell, ive seen them all before.

we watch the beginning, in which a scary scene occurs. she grips my arm in a 1960s, at the drive in, kind of fashion.

i know the rest is just momentum now.

30 mins into the movie and she aint scared anymore... well, not of the flick we were watching anyway.

shes steady sucking on my neck n the side of my face while i grope her ass n titties.

she knows the score.

shiiiiiiiiit... she knows sex like stephen hawking knows about colostomy bags... and i know her.

shes full of it.