Monday, December 14, 2009

Vibrato Posting.

doubled up! like shit to kids. yep. blog has hit a deuce.

racism is awesome. nearly as awesome as sexism.

sexism is the best of all isms. i want me a beer and a beef roast from my hindu wife before 6:30pm (thats when i finish tuning up the car).

where was i going with this? oh, thats right. racism and its hidden awesomeness.

of course, to fully enjoy racism, just watch some stand up comedians. most do the racist joke thing nowdays.

ohh, speaking of awesomeness.

i swear, that video was made by my brain subconciously. i sooooo think lighthouses rule.

[insert shameless butt plug here]

if you dont like lighthouses you suck!

and for those that didnt notice. i gave up grammar. i found i do spell quite well, but found grammar just makes me later for things. like, instead of inserting all them capital letters, in my lifetime i could make a life size statue of the hulk out of potatoes. you know, do something constructive.

i saw this next link and thought, 'i must bookmark this for acid and other related drugs'.

gotta love the whole teletubbie feel w/randomness.

im sure in my first few blogs i will seem quite quiet, and maybe evasive over my personal self, but eat a duck up til you fuck up. atleast im not this kid.

now? now? now? now? now? now?

i suppose i better inject some music into this.

i wasnt really feeling 'born like this'. i mean, im a bukowski fan n all, but doom sounds like hes trying too hard to be heard. i want that effortless villian i heard on madlib beats. not this new injured animal.

and on that note... im outtie.

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