Friday, February 18, 2011



say "fuck it."

say "kiss my ass karma."

say "i am invincible and god must be a female coz when im around, he be acting like a bitch."

say "doyoulickadickaday?"

ask someone for acid for me.


look for more drugs in your home when you run out, knowing you have none.

see things in the corner of your eye that aint really there.

question your brain at every opportunity you get.

sweat from hot weather at 1am.

don't sweat the technique.

try to achieve a louder, longer burp.

kiss the sky, make out with clouds. stick your dick in a star.

help a stray kitten. eat an insect. chase a fox.

name a bong. roll a joint. snort a line. crush a pill. skull your beer. howl at the moon.

climb something in the city, stand ontop of it, spread out your arms and then like some motherfucking captain cook or christopher columbus or something, CLAIM THAT SHIT LIKE IT WAS YOURS ALL ALONG!!!

im talking about a motherfucking pose that would have natives pooping their loin cloths like they just discovered the deliciousness of chocolate flavored laxatives.

jump off a cliff or a high structure into a large body of water without saying a word.

stalk an animal at least once a week.

when presented with a problem, do a handstand and think about it. TURBO THINKING.

kick a goal. shoot a basket. hold a trophy. kiss a girls mouth.

always stumble.

go to sleep at dawn and wake up in the afternoon.

talk to strangers. estrange yourself from friends.

poke your tongue out at other peoples kids. flip the bird at cops while smiling.

write your name on everything public.

feel the bass kick and enjoy it.

be a public spectacle.

die loudly.

pull the plug.

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